About us

Varpið is an icelandic jewelry brand by the artist Telma Magnúsdóttir. Inspired by bird eggs she makes these unique jewelry as an ode to icelandic nature. Telma made the first necklace in 2011 in the Arctic Tern Collection - Kríuvarpið.


"There is just something peaceful and beautiful about seeing bird eggs laying in a nest  each with its unique look that has been sculptured by nature. They bring a sense of calmness and at the same time represent a new life or a new beginning. I work with the different types and colours of the eggs but my first egg was in the Arctic Tern Collection, or Kríuvarpið in 2011. It is an ode to the bird Arctic tern, which I've adored since a little girl. I remember tiptoeing into her nesting are and then  running away from it. Flinging my t-shirt over my head, amazed at the bird’s beauty while trying to prevent it from attacking my head.

Every collection is handmade from clay and inspired from specific bird eggs. It is then hand painted and attached to a long silver or gold chain. It comes in a gift box resting in a nest, looking peaceful and fragile. 

In our photos, taken by the photographer Gígja Einarsdóttir, we try to reflect the birds's nature environment. 

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Phone: (+354) 857 8853
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