Kríuvarpið is an ode to the Arctic Tern, which I´ve adored since I was a little girl.

The Arctic tern collection is characterized by its different shades of green-blue-brown colours and dark brown dots. It comes on a long silver chain laying in a nest that reflects the natural nesting area.

" I remember tiptoeing into her nesting are and then  running away from it. While flinging my t-shirt over my head, amazed at the bird’s beauty, I tried to prevent it from attacking my head."  

The Arctic tern is an amazing bird who with her extraordinary character flies from the South Pole to Iceland to lay her beautiful eggs and give her little birds a life. Doing so, she travels longer distances than every other animal on Earth. She also has this adorably aggressive character and defends her nest and young ones fiercely. That is what makes her so extremely special.